The Animal Behavior Center llc
Animals and their behavior
have captured my interests
since childhood. Their well
being and livelihood while
under human care is my
reinforcer for continuing to work with them. My passion for birds is the reason why I share how strong and positive the relationship can be between birds and their owners, caretakers, and trainers, as with most animals. Interacting with a bird, whether it be a cockatoo or an owl, and seeing that bird fly to you in anticipation of your interaction is a very powerful statement and a sign of a trusting relationship. I feel very strongly when working with an animal under our care, for each interaction to be as stress free for that animal as possible. I strive to teach and share with others how this is done. Their livelihood and our relationships with them depend on it, and many times so does their home or quality of life.

Birds fascinate millions of people for numerous reasons. Birdwatching is one of the most popular hobbies of people worldwide. The anatomy of the avian body is one of several things that sets it apart from any other creature on this earth. Most birds fly and their ability and maneuverability in that avian highway above our heads has been studied by many scientists, pilots, and bird fanciers for thousands of years. Their uniqueness and intelligence is what captivated me when I acquired my first parrot and is the reason I study their behavior, train them, focus on their enrichment in our care, and promote conservation efforts of every species.
Within the pages of this website you will find much information pertaining to different aspects of strengthening the relationship between you and the animal under your care, creating and maintaining physical and mental enrichment in your bird’s living environment, and the power and trust in interacting with any animal using positive reinforcement training.
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The animal
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